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Cynthia Bearison

E - RYT 500, YACEP


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About Cynthia

I've been studying and practicing yoga for over 30 years.

I have a passion for teaching yoga and meditation, helping guide students to explore what works for their personal journey. My overall approach is focused on creating a safe and accessible environment for all while inviting a deep awareness of the mind/body connection.



A Livestream Trauma Sensitive Practice

Free weekly class

The intention for this practice is completely choice based as we find space to connect to our body & our breath exploring options based on this connection and awareness. This will be more of a slow flow type class, pendulating between movement and rest, with a short guided meditation, breath work and perhaps ending in a restorative shape, and an offering of journaling.


 I have a deep love of yoga and meditation, and work to create an environment that is safe and accessible. My intention is to have each individual feel that they are part of a community sharing a space, with like-minded folks, exploring their own individual truths. All my classes are led through a trauma sensitive lens. They are completely invitational and choice based, inviting the opportunity for "interoceptive awareness"  feeling the body within and for each individual to practice making their own choices based on what is best for them. 



Throughout the classes, I integrate meditation and breathwork with an inclusive approach focused on creating a safe and accessible environment. I utilize the healing aspects of meditation while inviting a deep awareness of the mind-body connection.  Through several studies it has been shown, that an ongoing meditation practice can help reduce stress levels, help with pain management, improve memory function along with many other benefits. I have also completed Advanced Trauma Sensitive Meditation certification with David Treleaven.


Reiki Treatment

I am a certified reiki practitioner and offer the same healing intentions as yoga and mediation. Reiki is a form of energy healing, suitable for all, and can help enable relaxation and reduce pain. This allows for the body to promote self healing. Because Reiki works in the energy field, it helps bring coherence to all the systems of your body and mind so they can work together in harmony.


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